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Tommy Duffy & Maia McInerney

Mr. & Miss SIU

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Tommy Duffy is 16 years old and entering his junior year at Wayne Central. He began singing and acting at Strike It Up at age 6 and later added music and dance classes as well. Tommy has had the opportunity to study piano, guitar, percussion, tap, hip hop, show choir, and voice. Most recently, he has started teaching the Sound Engineering and Music Production class and has expanded Strike It Up’s recording studio. His teachers have supported him in preparing for auditions, performing professionally, and promoting his original music and recording company. Tommy is grateful to his SIU family for making it possible for him to pursue his passion and achieve his goal of working in the music industry.


Maia McInerney is 16 years old and is going into her Junior year at Webster Schroeder High School. She started performing from a very young age. She started dancing and tumbling at Strike It Up when she was 6 years old and started to sing at SIU when she was 8. Maia started competing in dance at the age of 11. She enjoys all styles of dance but mainly lyrical and broadway. Maia is extremely appreciative for the chance to travel to competitions and workshops. She loves working with younger dance students and hopes to pass on her passion for dance to others. Maia is so grateful for all of the friends she had made over the years at Strike It Up. She is so grateful for the opportunities and the love that is always shown at the studio by teachers, students and families.

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