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   This course combines acrobatic technique with elements of dance. Progressions of tumbling skills are taught in conjunction with creative movement and dance. The curriculum is designed to increase gross motor skills, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, coordination and an appreciation of the sport of gymnastics. Acro-dance classes are offered to children beginning at age 3. Classes range from beginner through advanced.




   If you’re over the age of 21 and think you would like to give dancing a try, then this is the program for you. We have beginner and intermediate levels in tap, jazz, and hip-hop. Each class is designed to be technique based, focusing on the fundamentals of the form. The year-end performance is optional.




   The ballet program is a structured class designed to teach the proper technique needed for ALL styles of dance. It helps with grace, balance, and coordination. It is the root of all dances, whether you’re learning Vegonave and Chiquetti (the two most prominent styles of ballet; French and Russian). It is a beautiful art and teaches soft lines, strength and style. Dress code is enforced.




   We offer private couple classes in swing, salsa, mambo, cha- cha, foxtrot, waltz, and much more! So bring a friend and learn to boogie with the best of them.




   An introductory program designed to give small children a sample of the basics. They will learn how to stretch, terminology in tap and ballet, and get practice every week on the basic skills that will be implemented into their dances. We have found that repetition is the best way for these peanuts to learn, so the kids will develop a familiarity to the class, the teacher, and the skills that they will go over every week.




   These classes that will teach - not only dance steps - but incorporate acting skills as well. They learn to show emotion through their body and face, while doing intricate dance movement. They will be doing selections and styles from many wonderful Broadway musicals.







   A fun, energetic class that teaches the newest and hottest moves found on M.T.V. There are two main styles we try to incorporate in class, street hip-hop and pop hip-hop. Street hip-hop is a funky fresh style that incorporates break dancing and a lot of “pop and lock” into the mix, while pop hip-hop is a lot of the dancing you’ll see from Brittany Spears and Beyonce. Hip-hop is a great work out for all of you looking for a little bit of cardio!




   One of the oldest forms of dance. There are many different styles, but in each class, the same fundamentals are taught; flexibility, rhythm, turns, leaps, strength, and agility. Jazz is fun and upbeat and will challenge all dancers in every shape and ability level.




   A style of dance that incorporates jazz and ballet. It’s usually slow controlled movement that emphasizes on the lyrics of the music. It’s a very interpretational style and will help each student learn how to be more expressive and emotional while they perform.




   An interpretive and unconventional style of dance. Each movement has meaning and when you string them together, it tells a story. It’s a great way for students to try new moves that may be very different from the other styles of dance they have already learned.




   A very difficult and disciplined style of dance. Only after the proper training and evaluation, can a student attempt a Pointe class. Pre-Pointe is recommended for all students who are considering going up on toe. Pre-Pointe will help strengthen your ankles and feet so that your body will be able to hold its self up while you’re dancing.




   Tap is a fabulous way to learn coordination and rhythm.  It’s a lot of footwork that will teach you how to make different sounds and rhythms using only your feet. There are many different forms of tap, such as Broadway tap, Rhythmic tap, and Funk tap, but all styles will teach you the basics so that you can expand your knowledge over time.

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