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Art Department

CHARCOAL DRAWING I (ages 8 - 11)


   Explore drawing, learning techniques to help our student figure out how to create form, deal with perspective and negative space as we teach kids how to make things look more real.  Those who think they can’t draw begin to see that they really can draw.  Students will develop skills that make them more confident as they learn to see as an artist sees and apply what they learn to drawings.  This class will provide a good foundation for the next 8-week sessions in watercolor and mixed media. 


CHARCOAL DRAWING II (ages 12 and up)


   Students will gain confidence in their drawing abilities as we learn what drawing pencils can do to create tone, value, texture and line.  We will learn to draw and shade basic shapes at first and then learn to see as an artist sees to interpret nature’s tones and textures.  We will learn several rendering techniques, drawing objects in outline and in light and shade along with the basics of composition and perspective.  We will learn how to tap into the right side of the brains where our expertise in spatial relationships is housed.  Students will grow from “I can’t draw” to having increased confidence in their ability to make something look realistic. 




   This class introduces students to the exciting world of watercolor.  Students will learn about color mixing, composition and perspective as they experiment with various watercolor techniques.  We will learn techniques for controlling the paint and water to get various results both realistic and abstract. 




   This class introduces students to the exciting world of watercolor!  Students will learn about color mixing, composition and perspective as they explore various techniques to discover what watercolor can do.  We will work on both realism and some not so realistic abstractions. 


MIXED MEDIA (ages 8 - 11)


   Students will explore various tools (oil pastels, markers, crayons) as they learn the basics in drawing, composition and color theory.  Focus will be on learning to paint realistically with some exploration into using color and form to express emotion.  The emphasis will be on enjoying art as well as on learning the basics.  Most materials will be supplied and included in the fee. 


OIL PAINTING I (ages 12 and up)


   Students will explore the rich colors of oil paint as they learn to mix colors and to achieve depth and perspective while painting along with the teacher.  The focus will be on achieving realism in both a landscape and a still life.

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