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Adaptive Music Lessons

What are Adaptive Music Lessons?


   Adaptive music lessons are lessons that are uniquely tailored to the needs of the student. For someone who has difficulty learning in the traditional manner due to varying needs or abilities.


Why Participate in Adaptive Music Lessons?


   If you have a strong desire to learn an instrument but have struggled with learning in the traditional manner, adaptive lessons may be more successful as they are individualized and unique to the student.


What Instrumental Lessons Are Offered?

(Services offered for ages 5 and up)

  • Piano – varying levels

  • Guitar – varying levels

  • Clarinet - varying levels

  • Vocal – beginning – intermediate

  • Music theory tutoring – introduction to high school level

  • Hand drumming

    • For ages preschool-6: offering group opportunities to play a variety of instruments and participate in creative music making and playing activities


Who can benefit?


   Adaptive lessons benefit anyone with a special need who loves music and wants to learn an instrument. If you have a strong desire to learn an instrument, but have had difficulty learning in the traditional manner, adaptive lessons are for you. Examples of individuals who may benefit include:

  • Persons with developmental or learning disabilities

  • Older adults with a background and love for musical instruments with a desire to continue learning who struggle due to loss of skills and abilities

  • Typically functioning adults who struggle with traditional learning methods

  • Persons with musical backgrounds who have experienced an injury requiring relearning of skills

  • Persons who have never learned to read music, but have an ear for music and are eager to learn


   *Each student will be assessed by the music therapist to ensure that adaptive music lessons are appropriate. There is a possibility that a student will benefit more from music therapy services as opposed to an adapted music lesson where the goal is specifically to learn an instrument and perform in recitals. The music therapist reserves the right to make this decision based upon student’s initial assessment.


Adaptive lessons are a great way for people of all ages to experience musical growth in an individualized and unique learning environment.

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