Musical Theater Department

Introducing our 2021 Summer Season

   "Devoted to building Grace, Confidence, Teamwork, and Discipline through instruction in the arts."

TheaterWorks I and II


   This class explores the nature of acting and introduce basic aspects of musical theatre.  Students are introduced to the basics of acting, scene work, staging/stage directions, musical theatre dance, possible monologues and getting comfortable on stage!




   Our Advanced Musical Theatre course. This class further explores the nature of acting, and aspects of musical theatre.  We build on students' existing theatrical skills to bring them to a more advanced level.  Students will work on basic acting and scene work, staging, musical theatre dance, vocal performance, basic tech awareness, movement techniques, meditation/relaxation, auditioning techniques and monologues.




   Private acting lessons are offered on an individual basis for students who desire personal instruction.  Sessions are tailored to each student’s needs, allowing them to explore and grow into more mature actors.




   This class focuses on preparing students for college, local and regional auditions.  Students will pick appropriate monologues and songs for both musical theatre and acting auditions.  Audition packaging, wardrobe, resume, leading an accompanist and slating are also addressed in these sessions.




   During the summer, SIU has a drama camp that teaches children what putting on a musical is all about! They learn about auditioning, staging, costuming, finding props, building a set, lighting and sound. The camp culminates in a performance for a public audience.




   This class is for children between the ages of 6-10.  They have a lot of fun working on staging, practicing character recognition, role playing, dancing, dress up, singing and costume design and construction.  The students will periodically put on a little show for their friends and family to come and watch.