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To Our Studio Families Regarding Online and Private Lessons,

   As the studio owner and an artist, I would love to find a way to keep teaching. If we are still social distancing, but not quarantining, I would like to propose a few options so that lessons can continue for the kids.  These classes are not continuance of the school year, but additional opportunities to keep up your skills and conditioning. In addition to this change in class structuring, I am asking that if you choose to sign up for some private instruction, you drop off at the door, stay outside until pickup and I will have a 15 min. gap in the schedule to allow for the change of students so it limits contact. Every attempt for child safety will be used. These private classes are open to any age, any ability and any genre of study. Just indicate what you’re interested in focusing on, how old your child is and when/how often you want lessons. We will use this method of teaching until and social distancing becomes more relaxed so we can continue our regular classes.


Private instruction:

A 45-minute class devised to focus on one style of dance and several of the skills in that genre. Class will be with the student and the instructor only. Cost is $35/class


Semi-private instruction:

A 45-minute class focused on one particular style and the skills used in that style. Two students with the instructor in the room. Cost is $18 per person per lesson.

Online somatic class: An online 45-minute class that can hold up to 8 people, that will discuss the human body, it’s alignment, and the ‘how’ behind the movement. Plus, some helpful skills in taking care of your moving bodies.  The 45 minutes will be broken up into 15 minute chunks:  lecture, movement, and reflective activities (writing, dance making and discussing). Cost is $6 per person per class and has a 5-person minimum. *taught by Miss Bethany Good *


Miss Bethany’s online somatic class:

will be twice a week and scheduled out two weeks at a time. Classes held on Monday's and Thursdays at 3-3:45. Once you have registered and paid, you will receive a link to access the class.


Online Dance History class:

A 2-hour course, broken up into 2 one-hour classes that will highlight pivotal points throughout the evolution of the art of dance. This class has an 8-person limit. The cost is $20 per person total. *taught by miss Bethany Good*

The dance history class will be Monday 4/6 and Tuesday 4/7 at 4-5 PM.


Weekly (Virtual) Ballet Barre: 

Missing your weekly technique classes?  How about ballet barre with Miss Bethany?  Each Wednesday 2-3 p.m. and Thursday 7-8 p.m.  Miss Bethany will hold a 45-minute virtual ballet barre class for travel students who are interested.  No ballet barre?  Grab the edge of your kitchen counter, a sturdy chair – or try it in the center 




Please email the studio or text me directly to sign up for any of these classes. My hope is to start this program the week of March 30th.

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