Nick Roche - Piano and Band Instructor


  Nick offers individual music lessons to all ages, focusing primarily on piano; but also including clarinet, trumpet, baritone, trombone, tuba, french horn, percussion, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, and music theory tutoring. He is from Long Island, fortunate enough to have briefly studied with a former pianist and current celeste player for the metropolitan opera, Cecilia Brauer.  He completed his Bachelor Degree in Music Education at SUNY Fredonia, his primary being piano and lower brass instruments. He studied with multiple accomplished pianists such as the Bach scholar, Father Sean Duggan. He has been studying piano privately for 16 years, and furthering his study of all instruments ever since. He is currently working for the Brockport CSD and has been teaching private lessons for six years now. His aim is to make each of his students a well rounded musician, well versed in music history, music theory, while not sacrificing any performing skill.

Strike It Up Artistic Center 

2045 Rt. 104

Ontario NY 14519


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